Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Season of Transistioning

You know it is said that darkness comes just before the break of day. I consider this a fair warning that a situation or circumstance will usually get worse before it gets better. While this thought is a very valid observation, it is often a mere afterthought. I say that because while going through difficulties, strains, trouble, sorrow, and pain, you're in that moment wondering why, how, and what. You may even think when- as in when will it be over, but seldom does it dawn on you in the midst of the suffering you're going to come out better! It just doesn't equate the same: suffering + pain = triumph, hmmm. Well it doesn't equal out in the human/carnal mindset. See, we in our humanity dislike suffering and pain and we feel as if we will forever remain in that state especially when it comes to change, interruptions...transition! The saying goes the only thing that's constant in life is change- it's inevitable! Ministry wives know far too well that life for us is all about change, yet we struggle with this occurrence the most! I know I can easily get used to things flowing a certain way and will quickly become disturbed when things deviate from that flow. So how then do we deal with seasons of transitioning?

I'm currently reading a book by author and Bible study teacher Priscilla Shirer entitled Life Interrupted. This book is based on the story of Jonah and how in the midst of his path of comfort and the familiar God interrupts that path and summons him to a new path- one in which Jonah didn't want to take. Priscilla suggest that we look at interruptions differently. Instead of looking at interruptions as an inconvenience we should
embrace interruptions in anticipation of what God is about to do in our lives. Maybe that interruption is the detour that will lead your life into an abundance of peace, joy and fulfillment! Maybe that interruption is the deviation that will save your life from heartache, pain and resentment! Have you ever been driving somewhere in a hurry because you were late and you ended up driving behind someone who was coasting down the street as if they had no where to go? Drove you crazy right? Just as you're about to go in a road rage you pass the scene of an accident and you think to yourself, wow, that could have been me. You realized had that slow poke not gotten in your way perhaps you could have been one of the victims in that accident! It is at that point that you begin to thank God for that interruption, because as irritating as that slow driver was, he or she was actually the interruption that saved you a lot of pain and perhaps even your life!

So the next time you're in a season of transition and let's face it there will be a next time...embrace it!


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