Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome & Yes Another Blog!

Happy New Year!! So let it be known that I really like to blog- hence another blog! I've always loved to write and felt I expressed myself better this way!

My first blog Beauty & Inspirations is such a wonderful expression of my passion for beauty- makeup, hair, nails, bath and body, fragrance, and fashion- and inspiration- I love to inspire others, that I thought I'd start this blog to let you in on my other passion- being a pastor's wife (pw)! I want to be able to offer encouragement & lessons learned on this tedious journey. This blog is actually an extension of a vision God has given me to launch a local pastor's wives fellowship as a means of support and sisterhood as it's needed.

My goal for this blog is to also provide support and sisterhood and to allow others to a peak into the highs and lows associated on this journey!

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