Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Transparency: Who Do You Release To?

Transparency: Who Do You Release To?

Life is filled with ups, downs, tosses and turns. Normally we get through life pretty steadily by ourselves with the help of the Lord! There are however, other times when along with God, we need another listening ear or shoulder to cry on. Many of us in the position of being a Pastor/Minister’s Wife (P/M W) find that a listening ear or shoulder to cry on may not be well within reach. A P/M W is a leader who is looked upon with reverence and respect. While P/M W’s are human and we go through many difficulties in life, we have to be careful who we release to. The average layperson can’t handle or relate to some of the issues we go through, especially if those issues are pertaining to the personal life of the Pastor’s family. In order to maintain a certain level of respect between spiritual leaders and lay members it’s often best to keep specific personal life details to a minimum. So that often leaves a P/M W in search of the right person to release to in times of crisis, trials, and errors. The chosen person should be Godly, discreet, wise, and mature. Finding a person with these characteristics will insure that what is released will remain concealed from others to prevent slander and gossip, is dealt with in a Godly manner to make sure his presence is available to lead one to reputable answers, and is handled with wise and mature counsel to present a safe and trustworthy place to come back to again. So, who do P/M W’s release to? Here are a few options to consider:

God: Who else knows us better than the one who fearfully and wonderfully made us! God has a listening ear and he’s waiting for us to cast our cares upon him, for he cares! Our intimate thoughts and concerns will be in trusted care, never to be used against us but used to help us. Releasing to God insures a guaranteed successful solution to any problem or issue. God’s love, grace, and mercy towards us is always the welcomed calm and peace to any storm that seeks to rage in our lives. Finally, God is readily available to us. We can access him day or night, 365 days of the year!

Pastor/Husband: Next to God, our Pastor/Husbands’ should be the most important person in our lives. Meaning we should be able to tell them our dreams, aspirations, and desires as well as reveal to them our mistakes and failures. As God intertwines are hearts as one there may be times when our Pastor/Husband will sense the need for us to vent or release before we can even approach them. We can trust that our Pastor/Husband have our best interest at heart and will do all they can to protect that interest. 

Another P/M Wife: As P/M Wives we are in unique positions and we encounter unique situations. Another P/M wife can relate to the highs and lows of being married to a minister of the gospel. Forming a sisterhood of support, prayer, and encouragement will open the door of opportunity needed to connect with someone else who can share insight and mentorship. More than likely we've experienced or will experience some of the same things that will make for great teachable moments. 


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