Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Lady/Elect Lady Duties

It is often asked of me what my duties or responsibilities as First Lady/Elect Lady (FL/EL) are. Well my answer may differ from another FL/EL as I feel ones duties and responsibilites are more than likely established by ones Pastor/Husband, based on ones gifts, talents, and abilities given by Holy Spirit. Some FL/EL prefer to be very active in ministry and their duties/responsibilities can range from Women's Department Leader to Assistant or Co-Pastor. Some FL/EL prefer to be less active in ministry and is content with just supporting their Pastor/Husband and participating in a few church ministries. 

My personal opinion and/or advice to a FL/EL who may be perplexed about this subject is to allow God and ones Pastor/Husband to lead & guide you. God created you and He knows what's in you and your Pastor/Husband should recognize the potentials you have within you and encourage you to use them for the Kingdom. It will take some time to develop and establish yourself, but don't fret, in due season you will be operating and flowing in those duties and responsibilities as if you hit the door running from day one. Bottom line, be yourself and don't let anyone define you or pressure you into being someone or something you're not! Operating in that vain will only lead to you becoming resentful of the church and ministry.

I will say that a FL/EL should always have the task of praying for her Pastor/Husband and the church. She should be willing to listen, give sound spiritual advice, and love unconditionally as Christ does! She should be willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, provide comfort to those who are hurting, and encouraging to those in dispair. She should be mindful that she is representing Christ, her Pastor/Husband, and the church. She should teach and encourage the saints to worship and praise the Lord. Most importantly, she should have a committed personal relationship with the Lord, exemplified by a consistent prayer, Word, and Holy lifestyle. Everything else will fall into place if those fundamental foundations are established first!

What is your opnion and/or advice regarding this subject? How were your duties and responsibilities established for you?


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